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Frédéric on 3rd Lair Skaters - 2 of 2 -
Magnifique capture en mouvement ! Bravo !

raha on Chili Lights
nice colors

Double KK Photography on From the Eye of the Canon
cool photo neat pov

Suze on Grain!
Love the depth of field on this. Excellent!

Mom on Iris
Welcome back! Beautiful color!

Molly on Grain!
I really like how this one turned out!

nijo on More Cheese and Basil
Beautiful Picture. I can smell it from here!

nijo on Delicious
mmm... beer... wish I was drinking some, shoot it is only noon.

Simon Tew on Wow
bummer. is it the camera or the lens? If it is any consolation, this is a cool image.

Ronnie 2¢ on Shock and Awe
This has been a great little series and I seem to remember the charity collected over $4,000, too. Well done all round.

Levine on A Few More
I hate getting my head shaved. I dont look good shaved. HAHA.

Double KK Photography on One More (Post 300!)
nice photo and congratulations on your 300th post

Ronnie 2¢ on One More (Post 300!)
Well, I missed the previous 299 . . but congrats on the 300! Love the sheer fun of this.

renee mudd on One More (Post 300!)
Happy 300!

Michael Skorulski on One More (Post 300!)
Such a happy expression. A wonderful image.

Mohammad1973 on ...And Contestant Four
nice shot and beauty smile. thank you.

Aaron Schmidt on And Just Like That
Love the expression and the clarity of the shot. Well done.

Dimitrios on A Moment of Realization
they can always grow back, nice shot

Josh on Contestant Two
Good DoF here! Nicely focused!

Melissa on Delicious
Love the light in this. Great capture!

Melissa on Flower
Simply beautiful! Love the contrast and brilliant color. Great job!

drewvan on Molly Studies
I like the intimate feel of this shot and the fact that the subject is looking out the bottom corner of the photo makes ...

drewvan on More Cheese and Basil
I really like the composition but think the depth of field is a little TOO short - would like to see just a little more ...

Suze on Flower
Beautiful. I too have been enjoying Lightroom and the fun things it lets me do rather quickly.

Chris on Kodak Retina IIIc
Peachtree Camera Repair (Georgia) can repair that shutter for you!

Mom on Flower
Very nice picture! I like it!

shahab on Flower
Such a tiny beauty!Good eyes!

badala on Flower
Great shot! You can really see the delicate details.

JLT on Flower
Lovely shot! Nice DOF and colours

Molly J. on Flower
I really like this one! It reminds me of summer, even though it is very cold here right now!

Dimitrios on Flower
brilliant macro

Trish on Flower
Very nice. I might just have to give Lightroom a chance, or at least a trial.

maziyar on Slicing Chicken

Stunner on More Cheese and Basil
Fantastic photo!

Melissa on Wiimote
nice dof and lighting!

Melissa on Crazy Hair! - 3 of 3 -
Loved the exciting hair series! I especially like this one the best! Brilliant!

Melissa on Walter Library - 2
Nice vignette, great treatment!

Melissa on Molly's Chimes
love the perspective!

Melissa on More Cheese and Basil
The lighting is beautiful. Love the bokeh, nice DoF. Well done!

Nick Grundberg on More Cheese and Basil
What an interesting perspective, lighting and DOF make it feel very intimate.

Sandrine on More Cheese and Basil
Make me want to eat! great shot!

Irina Sh on More Cheese and Basil
I like the focus on the basil and the colors… Looks tasty

See The Light on Cheese, Basil
Awesome shot, and yes great DOF. I would be curious if this is 50mm 1.2 that so many have given the bad reviews about.

Kirsten on Hennepin Ramp
great picture. black and white adds to it.

Viewfinder on Molly's Chimes
Nice composition. I like this.

Suze on Molly Studies
My 50mm f/1.8 has become my lens of choice. I love the non-flash options it gives me and I almost always get a ...

Joe Lencioni on Molly Studies
Congrats on the new lens--good choice too. You're going to love it.

Lilly on Chow Mein - 3
Lots of pieces I don't recognize there, but looks good!

Lilly on Badlands
So..if one person lets go.......

Lilly on Catching Air
That looks like fantastic fun!

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